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Founded in the Fall of 2009, The Warren is an open concept creative journal publishing the original works of undergraduates. The journal aims to foster the growth of a vibrant multidisciplinary creative culture at the University while providing invaluable exposure for young writers, thinkers and artists.

Why open concept?
The journal refuses to be tied down by conventional boundaries. We will publish anything, so long as it is approved by our Editorial board.

Who will staff the journal?
The journal is staffed exclusively by undergraduate volunteers at the University of Victoria.

Who gets to pick what gets published?
The Editorial Board does. The Editorial Board is composed of a range of Undergraduate volunteers from UVic. Editorial board positions will be filled based on knowledge, passion and interest. Please check our Volunteer page for openings, and our Staff page to meet our current volunteers!

What gets published?
A better question is – what doesn’t get published?

Where is the Rabbit Hole now?
The Rabbit Hole, the monthly reading series previously put on by The Warren, continues monthly! Founding Rabbit Hole hosts Caitlin Baird and Sarah Grindlay, as well as previous Vice-Editor-in-Chief of The Warren Rachael Kearley, have continued the project beyond graduation. Details on monthly readings past, present, and future can be found at www.rabbitholevic.ca.

You can like them on Facebook or follow them on twitter @rabbitholevic for updates.

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